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To make a tax deductible donation to the Children and Family Services Trust Fund, go to the Make a Donation page on our website or make your check payable to "Children and Family Services Trust Fund" and mail to the following address:

Children's Trust Fund
Attn: Dominique Robinson
425 Shatto Place, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90020
Email: robind@dcfs.lacounty.gov


Where abuse has hurt, the Children's Trust Fund helps.

Quincy is a spirited five year-old with vision problems so severe that his teachers must hold his hand and guide him at school.  The Trust Fund was able to provide Quincy with kindergartener-proof, flexible, dependable glasses and an alternate pair in case his primary glasses are broken.  Once behind in school, Quincy now has shown the ability to rise to the top of his class. 

Ella is an 11-year old girl that despite being exposed to child abuse and neglect at such an early age has shown amazing resilience and focus.  Last year, Ella was selected to attend the National Young Leaders State Conference in Washington D.C.  The Children's Trust Fund was able to provide this exceptional opportunity for Ella where she learned skills that will enable her to pursue her dream of being a future leader of our country.

Zachary, a talented high school student, is one of a few, hopeful future marine biologists chosen to attend study at a marine science and research facility.  Thankfully Zachary will attend, because of the committed individuals and companies who tirelessly donate scholarship monies to the Children's Trust Fund for this type of educational pursuit.

Jessica had suffered abuse at the hands of her parents.  In foster care, her emotional outlet has become her music—so much so— that she routinely borrows a guitar from friends and her teacher, even if only for a few hours, in order to play. Jessica is an excellent student in her magnet school who finds joy in writing and performing songs for her church congregation.  When Jessica’s Social Worker reached out to The Children's Trust Fund, we agreed that Jessica deserved her own guitar.  Someday, she may inspire and move audiences when she takes her bow from center stage.

In every instance, the Children's Trust Fund was there to help…


Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services
Children's Trust Fund
425 Shatto Place, 2nd Floor Los Angeles, CA 90020